Hygge is not the same as ‘gezellig’!

Klik hier voor Nederlands When I was in Sweden recently, I sat in the hot tub with an interesting stranger, but more about that later. I have visited Denmark, Sweden and Norway several times and there is something there that makes me feel comfy. But I could never really put my finger on it until […]


Hotspots Moscow and St Petersburg

Nederlands Recently I traveled to mysterious Russia to discover Moscow and St Petersburg. A not so common destination for many Europeans I quickly noticed from the reactions when I told people around me as well as from the local tourism: mostly Chinese and Japanese. I believe it’s an underrated destination. it is really beautiful and


Camping for the first time

  Nederlands Yes, it still exists. A 28-year-old woman who has never camped before. At least until this summer. My camping defloration is a fact and I will take you along into the world of camping through the eyes of a first time camper. Because boy it’s different from staying at a hotel … Pegs.

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