A small ripple can cause a wave to shake up a whole ocean

I believe in people and stories. Stories connect: the past, the present and the future…

A good story touches you. It hits you. The moment you read a book and one or two sentences resonate so much that you are distracted for a bit, your mind wonders. That power of words is beautiful. Letters on their own can’t do that. Words can when they are combined well. And of course I understand that a research report or a text on a government website shouldn’t have you dream off. There you should be mindful about the representation of numbers: how can we make sure it’s not misunderstood? How do you know everyone can read texts they need for the access to governmental services? Will readers find answers to their questions? Well, keep reading. ‘Help is on the way dear’, as Mrs. Doubtfire would say. She for sure has been one of my inspirations.

You are more than your name

‘Who am I?’ A question we all ask ourselves sometimes. And also a question that we find difficult to answer in one or two sentences. Obviously. After all, we are so much more. But what does our identity actually consist of? Every person and every organization has their own story. And it’s hiding in plain sight… I love to unravel it and write it down. The moment I present it and you say ’this is what I meant but couldn’t find the words for’ my heart skips a beat…

Besides my services and portfolio I also have my own writer’s space: my blog. I share my personal opinion, things that I find remarkable or that make me feel grateful. I love writing and this is my free place. I believe we all should have a place and enough time to ourselves. Maybe some need it more than others but it helps you to stay balanced and be a more fun and kind partner, friend, mother, father, lover, child, colleague, woman, human, dinosaur: we are so diverse and we tend to forget. Let me help you remember.

Portrait photography by Alexia van der Meijden. I too have many sides. Alexia managed to capture many of them beautifully and some examples you see throughout my website. When you work with me you really get a character on board, not just someone who does the job and sends the invoice.

Writing is one of the highest forms of creativity

A good writer has a rich vocabulary that he can draw from to strike the right note for every target group. Someone with a creative mind, who can think outside the box and is not held back by uneven roads or clamping doors. And there is not such thing as one answer: it’s the opposite of math. Many roads lead to Rome and every customer will get a unique product. That freedom I find the greatest asset in my profession.

I have always gotten many compliments for easily connecting with anyone and making people talk without effort. All those stories feed me and I soon have a sense for the main line. As a copywriter, I focus on text but will always encourage you to publish diverse content; it makes your story come across stronger and more lively. There are so many creative options that make your story rich and enjoyable to read. Add good quality photography, video, audio, infographics. I promise you it’s worth the investment. It makes you stand out from your competitors.

B1 texts
B1 texts are the standard for governmental publications in the Netherlands these days. But they are also becoming increasingly popular elsewhere because of their clear design and good readability.
Copywriting, both online and offline, requires creativity and empathy. Because there are thousands of stimuli every day that try to get your attention, your text must be well composed. And preferably simple, that increases the chances of your texts to be read. Sounds self-evident but I often see the opposite. You don't need posh words or heavy texts to convey your message. Even for theoretically educated people research has proven they find B1 texts more comfortable to read.
Storytelling is telling your story. Simple. Or not that simple, judging from the many people that search for help. Personal or business: stories connect. And connecting with your target group or with the people around you is essential in an increasingly individualistic world.
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