'To touch': a beautiful verb described in the Oxford Dictionairy as 'producing feelings of affection'. But also as 'come or bring into mutual contact'.
And those are things I keep in mind when writing a text for you. Whether it's a blog, a story, a column or a(n) (communication) advice; it always has to touch the reader.


A good writer has a rich vocabulary from which he can create texts for every target group with the correct tone of voice. It's someone with a creative spirit who isn't afraid to take the path less traveled by. And remember: the perfect text doesn't exist. Many roads lead to Rome. That freedom is the sweetest asset of my profession.

Content creation

Content exists in many forms; text, photography, video, audio, infographics. As a freelance writer I concentrate on text but I will always stimulate you to make your content diverse; a combination of different forms will convey your story more powerfully.


Copywriting, both online and offline, requires creativity and empathy. With thousands of incentives trying to get your attention every day, your text has to be well written.

B1 Texts

B1 texts are the go-to standard for the Dutch governmental website ('Rijksoverheid'). But the popularity of B1 texts is also growing outside of government communication because of their clear layout and good readability.


Storytelling is telling your story, that simple. However, many people don't find it so simple to 'find' their story. I can help you with that by asking the right questions and being an outsider with a fresh look on things. Storytelling is suitable for both personal and business stories. Stories connect you to your target audience or the people around you and I believe that's necessary in a more and more individualistic world.


'Who am I?' A question we all ask ourselves sometimes. And a question we find hard to answer in one or two sentences. Which makes sense; after all we are so much more. But what does our identity consist of then? Every person and every organisation has a story. And it's hiding in plain sight...


A touching story is like a gift. A present from someone else that becomes an enrichment of your own life. With a smile, a tear or both.