Workshops are the ideal way to share knowledge in a nice interactive manner. Therefore I love to give workshops on subjects in and around my area of expertise. To inspire others and to see mutual discussions emerge on subjects like intercultural communication, internationalization, dealing with cultural differences, dealing with intercultural diversity, content creation, content marketing, etc. These are some of the subjects I enjoy teaching, but if you have suggestions I am always happy to take them into consideration and see if I can make a tailor-made program for you.

Tailor-made workshop

I make the workshops in respons to the questions and challenges from your organization. I will always ask beforehand what your specific learning goals, wishes, questions and challenges are so I can incorporate them in the workshop and make sure they repeat themselves in the exercises as well. Because I don’t stick to a standard story you will get a workshop that is perfectly adapted to your personal wishes. I give the workshops at your location and depending on the subject and the learning goals the groups of participants should be around 4 to 15 people.

If you’re looking for specific knowledge which you would like to be transfered to a small group of people in an interactive way, then a workshop is a great costeffective and efficient way to do so. For more information, please contact me.

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