My portfolio

I started BridgetJ in 2014. In those many years I have already worked for more organizations than most people in a lifetime. For me one of the advantages of having my own business, but it’s also a perk to you, as I’m Jack-off-all-trades by now… šŸ˜‰ Governement, semi-government, higher education and businesses: I proudly delivered content for these organizations on the left and many more. However, I still have wishes and ambitions for the future, for which I’m working hard every day. So yes, there’s still a diverse list of organizations I would love to add to this heaven of bubbles and it might just be you! So contact me if you think we could be a good match and I’ll happily surprise you with your own story in a way it will touch you again as well.

A few of my customers I delivered content for: Eindhoven University of Technology – Veiligheidsregio Brabant Zuid-Oost – Eindhoven Airport – Savant Zorg – Fontys Universty of Applied Sciences – ROC van Amsterdam – Transavia – Brainport Eindhoven – … and many others

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