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Are you looking for communication advice or a communication plan? Do you feel like you should be present on every social medium and you don’t know where to start? Questions about LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, content, strategy, or ….? You can ask me. Sometimes it’s handy to have someone outside of your organisation to look into your questions with a fresh look. 

I often hear people say that they feel like they should be present on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and and and…. To then only create accounts on the different social media but rarely update them. If your last post dates from a year ago, that’s not really the advertisement you should want… In that case you’d better focus on one social network where you can expect the biggest or most valuable part of your target audience and give that all your attention. The same applies to having a blog. Everyone wants one these days but then people don’t update it consistently. You don’t have to be where ‘everyone’ is. It’s much more important to see if your target audience is there. Once you have more information on that matter, you start to make a plan. 

Communication plan

Besides a plan for short and mid-term, I also like to work with a calender; what activities will you carry out and when will you make them happen. It forces you to look ahead; which events I have to reckon with in my schedule? Is there an interesting (trade)fair coming up that I should plan already? Or what if I would like my product to be included in a specific newsletter, what is the final delivery date for the content? Well begun is half done after all…

Subsequently you can start to estimate how many hours of work the activities and the preparations will take and what it will cost. Don’t forget to take the evaluation of the event and the analysis of the websites into account. Statistics from Google Analytics and tools from social media like LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook can really help you adjust your strategy.

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