Communication training

Are you looking for a communication training for your employees or students? Do you notice a lack of attention for proper communication skills in the prior education of (technical) staff? I would love to help you improve their skills.

Good communication is essential, for everyone. This applies to both internal and external communication and for businesses, schools and the government. Because I worked in IT, I noticed the many miscommunications between developer and customer. Thence I suspect that in technical studies more attention should be spent on communication skills. But also in other fields there can be a need for a hands-on course to refresh the knowledge and practice the skills.

Classic swing example

In this training I mainly want to work with cases to give you that practical approach. What issues do you notice in your work or during your studies? What is important in dealing with customers or colleagues. To get back to IT for an example; the classic swing example. If I ask a group what a swing looks like, every person will think of a slightly different swing and everyone will have the misunderstanding that the other person will think of the same swing they are thinking of.

The customer will ask for swing X in the meeting with the salesman, but actually means swing Y. The projectmanager understands swing Z from the story. The software architect imagines swing A, the engineers make swing B and the users actually needed swing C. Good communication is essential here. Before you know it, you have deviated so far from the original customer’s demand that your project is totally running out of time and eventually that will cost a lot of money. By using a phased development method with sprints and most of all good communication, you can prevent a lot of misery.

Could an incompany or inhouse communication training also help your organisation to improve communication skills? Contact me and we can discuss how to create a proper custom made training that meets your needs. I can provide the training in English or in Dutch. 

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