We all are believers

Nederlands I was never really drawn to Arnol Kox, Eindhoven’s city preacher who died recently. I tolerated him like many; he was just there. But recently, shortly before his death, he said something that touched me: “We all are believers.” Now I can see the atheists jumping up… But he was right as he added: […]

This is what the Netherlands will do when quarantine is over

Nederlands Well, my own network may not be representing the whole of the Netherlands perfectly, but I’m still very happy with the input I got after my call I posted last week, asking you to share what you miss most at the moment and what you will do first when the quarantine is over. Responses […]

The polar nights; visiting dark Northern Norway

Nederlands The sun doesn’t rise above the horizon all day long. A phenomenon that can only be seen south of the Antarctic Circle and north of the Arctic Circle, and the latter area I visited for a piece about winter depression. Tromsø lies 350 kilometers above the polar circle and has 60 (depending on the […]

Shame of buying is next after flight shame

Nederlands The phenomenon of flight shame has now become quite common: people who are no longer too proud to take another flight somewhere for fun. Certainly if it concerns a short distance. It all feels a bit charged. Where, say, four or five years ago, #wanderlust was still cool, environmentally conscious travel and traveling not […]

English please …?

Nederlands Exactly those two words I have been hearing a bit too often lately. In my hometown Eindhoven. In the Netherlands. When ordering a coffee on a terrace, when asking for a different size in the store or even when asking for allergy information in the supermarket. Now, don’t get me wrong. I think internationalization […]

6 tips to get what you want business wise

Nederlands I don’t mean to kill your darlings but you usually do not get your dream job through vacancies on Indeed. Of course, there are enough positions to be found there and sometimes one might look cool. But realize you’re not alone: ​​there are a lot of people applying with you. And you apply for […]