Let me cut right to the chase: I am not a certified translator. This means that I am not legally entitled to translate documents that have, for example, a legal status like residence permits or diplomas. I believe it is important to have that clear right away. But there are still enough kinds of texts that I can translate. Think for example of translating news articles, stories, brochures, websites, blogs, product descriptions, et cetera.

I always enjoy the challenge of taking the essence of a text and conveying it as well as possible in the other language. Translating is much more than knowing a lot of words. You have to be able to understand figurative contexts, know many proverbs and have experience with spoken and/or ‘street language’. For example: the French you learn in school differs from the French people speak in the streets. I have always been fascinated by the way languages are structured ​​and the etymology behind them. In any case, it is good to change the prejudice about translators: we do not know everything by heart. ? I regularly look things up in dictionaries or special proverb books. That’s necessary and it keeps you focused. I deliver translations in these forms:

  • Dutch -> English
  • English -> Dutch
  • German -> Dutch

I charge translations per word, calculated from the source text. If you want to have a text translated, please contact me and I will provide you with an estimate in advance. Are you looking for a freelance translator in Eindhoven? Then I can also visit you to discuss the content if you prefer personal contact.

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