Freelance writer Eindhoven

Freelance writer Eindhoven area

Are you looking for a freelance writer in the Eindhoven area? Stop looking, you’ve found her. Regional entrepeneurship has its advantages. I live and work in Eindhoven. That doens’t mean I don’t want customers from outside this region, but I do think personal contact is arranged much easier when our bases are closer. Besides that, you will hire a person who knows the region well and is aware of all the events, communities and important communication channels.

Connecting people in a tech region

As a freelance writer I want to connect people through online and offline content. That’s what I like most about my job: the diversity in customers and activities. My heart beats faster when I talk about storytelling: I think stories are an amazing way to connect people. Which is very relevant at the moment in the Eindhoven area: a booming tech hotspot in this region in which the last few years thousands of expats have been attracted to. They came from many different places all bringing their own language, culture, customs and identity. But this also brings us challenges. Not just challenges concerning housing and internationalisation but also about connecting and integrating people. I think it’s really necessary and fun to find the common denominator besides our differences, bring people together and share stories. May I help you with my talent?

P.S. I also invite you to read my personal story and blog to get to know me and my story more.

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