Are you looking for a copywriter who can write or edit pieces, either incidentally or regularly? An allround copywriter who is skilled at writing both online and offline texts, from scratch or based on existing input. Or would you like an objective look at a text because you have been writing it for a quite a while and do not see the points of improvement anymore? Do you need some final editing?

These are the assignments that make my heart beat faster. Maybe that’s even the most fun about being a freelance editor and copywriter: the diversity in the job. No week, no day, no hour is the same and in the mean time you learn so much about other fields by reading and doing research.

What does a good text look like?

It is quite hard to answer that question unambiguously, to be honest with you. If you have been struggling with this subject, I bet you have consulted your big friend Google once before. And you probably found dozens of websites with tips and conditions about what a good text should and should not consist of. In webtexts SEO plays a major role these days of course: you want to be found by your target audience. But many people lose themselves in writing for Google and using all kinds of tricks.

Search behavior

If I write a text, I try to write it for the reader. What is the (potential) reader looking for and how can I help him or her with my content. And that’s where you find the best tip in my opinion: how do you read a text? If you look at your own search and scan behavior while looking for information, you can learn a lot about the best structure of a text.

Structure of a text

A long piece of text makes people leave you quite fast. Short paragraphs with logical titles and subtitles are less likely to have such an effect. The reader can scan the text fast and judge easily whether it will be likely for him to find the desired information. By using highlighting, you can also attract attention for specific keywords and light them up from the text. Those words will stand out and if you do a good job, they will likely match the subject the reader is looking for. And in the end, a text written with this in mind is much more valuable than a text written for Google’s algorithm.


Want to hire a copywriter? I can help you to reach your goals with touching content. I can write in Dutch or English, but also base content on existing content coming from Dutch, English or German. Contact me to discuss your wishes.

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