Storytelling to me is sharing your story in a way that goes far beyond the 365 bunny stories before bedtime or Harry Potter books. Storytelling is for everyone. For personal stories but also for the story behind your company or organization. With a story you make a personal connection with your customer, patient, student or visitor. Stories connect people. And that’s why they should be told.

– If you’re in the middle of things, it can be tough to see your own story and write it down. An outsider can ask the write question and therefore derive the story in a very natural way. – And that’s just the job I love to do. Asking questions, conducting an interview that feels like a natural conversation and capturing your story. With that story fixed, you can do much more than just publish it on your website. You can start using it for the creation of visual communication materials, to inspire your employees and to make sure your organization really starts to get personality. That people get a specific feeling when they think of you.

Standard vision and mission are out of date

The days when you would just once write a standard vision and mission document and publish it on your website (or worse, store it somewhere on your desktop so it at least exists) are over. What is the point in writing down a vision and mission like that because you feel you’re ‘supposed to’ but never act like it. Your real point of existence is found in your story. That’s authentic and not forced up. Storytelling is very suitable for family businesses, one-man businesses and the SMEs. But also for people who would like to have their personal story on paper but do not know how.

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