Workshop Intercultural Diversity

Are you struggling with intercultural diversity and how to deal with that in your organization? Do you want to aim for better understanding of the behavior of your students with different cultural backgrounds? Is your company expanding with expats and are you looking for a way to integrate them properly in your corporate culture? A Workshop Intercultural Diversity can be a good solution to handle such challanges.

Own experiences

Because I myself have lived abroad (Morocco), I have seen the other side of the coin and experienced the examples from the cultural diversity theories myself. I was for once the minority group. A very educational experience that I will gladly incorporate in my workshops.

A scientific foundation

In the workshop I will start with some general background theories about cultural diversity which are needed to gain an overall understanding of the concept and the challenges arising from it. Mutual understanding is in this case really the key to change. Among other theories, the five dimensions of Hofstede will be explained in the workshop. Subjects like power distance, individualism versus collectivism and uncertainty avoidance will pass by. Subsequently, all theories will be fed back to everyday situations with which you struggle in your school, company or organisation.

Let’s get started

If you’re looking for a workshop with a thorough scientific basis but also a direct translation into everyday situations and tips on how to deal with such situations, definitely contact me for more details. Together with you I can shape the workshop in a way that it perfectly matches your learning objectives. I can give this workshop in English or Dutch.

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