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Cheap internet outside the EU with e-SIM (Holafly)

Nederlands Recently I traveled outside the EU, so no usage of my 4G network without a lot of extra costs. Where I normally have the mindset ‘nice opportunity to stay away from constant stimuli via socials’, I knew that this time I really needed Google Maps. And I know there is, but that doesn’t […]


My 10 favorite food + drinks + coffee places in Eindhoven 2024

Nederlands In the past I published an article on where to go in Eindhoven for delicious coffee, a healthy lunch or just a nice terrace. That was well received. But things do change in a continuously developing city like Eindhoven and so unfortunately some place no longer exist, and at the same time new ones


#projecthouse: almost, but not quite

Nederlands How’s #projecthouse going, you might wonder if you’ve been following me for a while. I recently got a call from Slimmerkopen, a social initiative to buy a house in my region which I wrote about before. I have been placed on the reserve list several times and now one of those houses came back

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