#projecthouse: social housing for sale via Slimmerkopen

Nederlands My #projecthouse is – unfortunately – not finished yet. I still haven’t found a house. I got lots of responses to the letters that I still deliver every week. People want to think along and really hope I find a house, but unfortunately the tips are often too expensive. 375,000 euros and then still […]


#projecthouse: investing as the best alternative to saving

Nederlands I wish we learned many more useful life skills in school, such as how to file your own taxes, what you should get insurance for, how investing works and why that is the best way to protect your money from devaluation. I had to figure that all out myself. I did learn in school


#projecthouse: viewings = 2, trust = -2

Nederlands A small update on #projecthuis. Of course I’ve completed my ‘letter distribution’ for this week again. Another fifty letters are delivered to homeowners. I also had two viewings. And yes, one of those two concerned ’the house’ from my previous blog. Be sure to read that if you haven’t already. Unfortunately, the outcome of

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