English please …?

Nederlands Exactly those two words I have been hearing a bit too often lately. In my hometown Eindhoven. In the Netherlands. When ordering a coffee on a terrace, when asking for a different size in the store or even when asking for allergy information in the supermarket. Now, don’t get me wrong. I think internationalization […]

6 tips to get what you want business wise

Nederlands I don’t mean to kill your darlings but you usually do not get your dream job through vacancies on Indeed. Of course, there are enough positions to be found there and sometimes one might look cool. But realize you’re not alone: ​​there are a lot of people applying with you. And you apply for […]

“Every euro I earn with my company is a compliment”

Nederlands I am almost always ‘working on a book’. I like to read and have a broad taste in books. From spiritual to business and from humor to literature. I recently started Rahma el Mouden’s ‘De weg naar mijn vrijheid’ (‘The way to my freedom’). An inspiring book by a woman who is the CEO […]

6 tips from a seasoned light packer: this way everything will fit in your travel bag

Nederlands With the summer vacation right around the corner, many of us have to face the necessary evil: packing for the vacation. Not too fun since many airlines restricted bagage allowance in size and weight and a car doesn’t have endless space either. Over the years I have become a pro in light packing: traveling […]

Little coffee with a lot of palancika: welcome to Croatia

Nederlands Every now and then I choose a getaway in a place I have never been before. Sometimes together, sometimes alone, sometimes to visit people, sometimes for work. Anyway, a super random place to go is Zadar, Croatia. A sleepy coastal town that the tourists ignore. I soon discovered that Croatia is not exactly known […]

30% ruling: changes for 2019

  First an important side note: I translated this governmental article about the changes on the 30% ruling because I personally believe it’s important that the people whom it concerns, can also read this information which was only provided in Dutch by our government. And since the ruling is used by expats who often don’t […]