Ricardo (24): “Nobody knows I’m doing this. When I get a girlfriend, I’ll stop immediately.”

Nederlands Certain professions are still a taboo, or at least not the first thing you share with your friends. In this series of portraits I want to give a glimpse into the lives of people with a special profession. Because, well, who isn’t a bit curious about what the life of a nude model, weed […]

Can you really win something with scratch cards? I did the experiment with 100 cards

Nederlands ’17 winners per minute’ and ‘a chance of winning of 1 to 4.59’ the Dutch Lottery claims about their scratch cards. Sounds hopeful, but is that true? Who has never wondered: ‘Does anyone ever really win something substantial with scratch cards?’ I bought 100 7-klappers (a type of Dutch scratch cards) and took the […]

International stores in Eindhoven

The Netherlands is a real melting pot of cultures. Eindhoven is blessed with more than 150 different nationalities: a very diverse city! And with the arrival of all sorts of different cultures, we are also treated to new eating habits. Personally, I always enjoy this most when I’m abroad: discovering typical regional dishes. If enough […]