The polar nights; visiting dark Northern Norway

Nederlands The sun doesn’t rise above the horizon all day long. A phenomenon that can only be seen south of the Antarctic Circle and north of the Arctic Circle, and the latter area I visited for a piece about winter depression. Tromsø lies 350 kilometers above the polar circle and has 60 (depending on the […]

6 tips from a seasoned light packer: this way everything will fit in your travel bag

Nederlands With the summer vacation right around the corner, many of us have to face the necessary evil: packing for the vacation. Not too fun since many airlines restricted bagage allowance in size and weight and a car doesn’t have endless space either. Over the years I have become a pro in light packing: traveling […]

Little coffee with a lot of palancika: welcome to Croatia

Nederlands Every now and then I choose a getaway in a place I have never been before. Sometimes together, sometimes alone, sometimes to visit people, sometimes for work. Anyway, a super random place to go is Zadar, Croatia. A sleepy coastal town that the tourists ignore. I soon discovered that Croatia is not exactly known […]

Travels make the best stories

Travelling broadens your horizon, both in the literal and figurative way. When I look back at my adventures in my home country Holland and abroad, I can only acknowledge they changed me irreversibly. I was lucky enough to see quite a bit of our world but of course there will always remain dreams and wishes. Which […]