Cheap internet outside the EU with e-SIM (Holafly)

Nederlands Recently I traveled outside the EU, so no usage of my 4G network without a lot of extra costs. Where I normally have the mindset ‘nice opportunity to stay away from constant stimuli via socials’, I knew that this time I really needed Google Maps. And I know there is, but that doesn’t […]


Hygge is not the same as ‘gezellig’!

Klik hier voor Nederlands When I was in Sweden recently, I sat in the hot tub with an interesting stranger, but more about that later. I have visited Denmark, Sweden and Norway several times and there is something there that makes me feel comfy. But I could never really put my finger on it until


The polar nights; visiting dark Northern Norway

Nederlands The sun doesn’t rise above the horizon all day long. A phenomenon that can only be seen south of the Antarctic Circle and north of the Arctic Circle, and the latter area I visited for a piece about winter depression. Tromsø lies 350 kilometers above the polar circle and has 60 (depending on the

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