Being grateful makes you happier: 16 moments of happiness in life and in having your own company


I believe that it is good to count your blessings on a regular basis. Fun fact: every night before I go to sleep I call out 3 things for which I’m grateful. The funny thing is: as you do this more often, you become better at it and you automatically see the small things in life and feel grateful for them. And at the same time you will no longer take ‘simple things’ for granted. It is not as difficult as you might think and you can start very simple. To give you a few examples: yesterday I felt grateful for a dance class that allowed me to take my mind off of things, for a sweet friend who was thinking of me and wanted to come bring a chocolate cake to eat together and for the fact that at the end of the day I can dive into a warm comfortable bed to charge me for the next day. These are just three things, but I could name ten more. It immediately gives me a happier feeling when reflecting on my day like this.

Moments of happiness because of having my company

I do not select my happy moments by category: if I reflect in the evening, the things I call out can be of a very distinct nature. But having my own company does bring me a number of specific moments of happiness for me. Of course there are also risks to it and it is hard work, but one does not exclude the other:

 You have freedom: you decide where and when you work

 You will get to know yourself very quickly

You have to take your own responsibility and are directly confronted with the consequences of your actions

The people who hire you because they appreciate your talent and come back to you just for that

You build up your own portfolio that you are genuinely proud of

 You get compliments on your work

 You are independent

 You get a sneak peek of what other companies are like

 You meet new inspiring people

 You gain many different kinds of experiences

 You learn what you like and what not

 When you look back and realize that you have achieved this yourself

 Sometimes you meet your deadline in your pajamas with your bunny slippers on (yes, for my customers reading this: fair chance that I have written something for you with my rabbit slippers on without you having noticed. No shame in my game)

Seeing things in perspective

If you are grateful for what you have, you get to know the value of things much better. And you will deal with life more consciously. When I came back from the time that I lived in Morocco, I suddenly appreciated my hot shower for which I only need to open the tap and do not have to buy and connect a gas cylinder before I can enjoy it. And the safe drinking water that flows directly from the tap everywhere here. And the isolated houses with heating that keep you warm in the winter. And the doctor that everyone can go to, rich or poor. In a country like The Netherlands, everything is arranged so smoothly and we assume that everything always works. And we complain if that’s not the case. But we can also be more grateful for all those moments that it does work and realize how blessed we are.



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