On the other side


I’m a visualizer: my thoughts turn into images very fast and this often helps me, both in my private life and in my work. Being able to visualize helps your creative thinking and helps you to recognize patterns and create products or texts. In the past I was often declared a daydreamer, not paying attention. Now I am the one who laughs last and best, because what people did not see was that at those moments I had already been processing for a long time and often already saw the solution in front of me. With my fascination for word to image and image to word, photography is also something I can always enjoy, but especially when I’m the one behind the camera. Then I have control over how I portray something, provided of course the subject cooperates a little. But it takes two to tango: good communication is key here. Or in the case of animals or nature: approach. But this time the tables were turned and I was in front of the camera: a shoot on duality.

Good versus Evil

Duality is something that has always fascinated me: good versus evil, light versus dark, black versus white, etc. There are endless examples of opposites that we face every day. And one has no meaning without the other. You don’t know what light is without darkness. You don’t know what happiness is if you haven’t experienced misery. But these concepts also exist within you. I think everyone has once had an ugly and a good thought and had to choose between them, be it consciously or unconsciously, quickly or with plenty of time. Sometimes you are overwhelmed with anger and you say something you regret later. Or the opposite: doing or saying something kind because you calmed down and counted to ten before you acted?

I tried to express these feelings and options together with photographer Anniek Mol. In the final image you see a combination photo where the dark Bridget has a feather from the wings of the light Bridget. An example of how my anger can sometimes touch me and hold me in its grip, but nevertheless I always at least try to do the right thing. Being aware of your thoughts and options is half the battle. I soon had the concept for the shoot in my head and I find it very special how the photographer managed to capture it. As if your thoughts are transported to an image for everyone around you to see. Are you also a visualizer, seeing your thoughts in images? And if yes, does that help you?



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