Culinary hotspots in Eindhoven: the best places for coffee, lunch, dinner and drinks


Liever tips in het Nederlands voor koffiezaakjes, lunchplekken, cafés en restaurants in Eindhoven?

After writing my ode to Eindhoven article with free and cheap fun activities in Eindhoven, I got so many kind messages, suggestions, questions and queries for more. I made a list and will be pusblishing more articles the coming time with tips on activities close to Eindhoven for easy daytrips, what to do in winter, international stores around here and in this article: the best spots to have coffee, lunch, dinner or drinks. I try to stick to unique local places because I think we can all Google Vapiano’s or Bagels and Beans, etc. If I have a favorite dish or drink I will mention it here, as well as the price category of the place. I hope to challenge you a bit to go beyond ‘de Markt’ in downtown Eindhoven and explore our city further to find how many cool places it actually has!


De Restauratie

Did you know our railway station is actually a ‘radio’? Look at the first picture. At this side is a nice coffee place located: De Restauratie. A very central place yet people just walk by, such a pity. Take the stairs up to this place and enjoy your coffee on the small terrace in the radio. Tip: they also sell pastry chocolateballs (‘chocoladebollen’) to go with your coffee, made by bakery Renders, in my opinion the best bakery for pastries in Eindhoven.


Address: Stationsplein 23

Boerderij ’t Wasven

Enjoying a cup of coffee in a more outdoor rural place but still in Eindhoven? Yes, that’s possible at ’t Wasven farm. Pay attention: closed on Mondays!


Address: Celebeslaan 30

Martini’s by Roma

The former ‘Roma’ has moved from ‘de Heuvel’ mall and has been redone to become Martini’s by Roma. This Italian family knows how to make good coffee, yum! But also icecream tastes great here.


Address: Victoriapark 10


Bar47 is located in the Pullman hotel. Maybe not the first location you’d go to have a cup of coffee but I actually really like the chill atmosphere here and the chairs are very comfy. I like to use this spot for business meetings and/or to work a bit in peace.


Address: Vestdijk 47



EMMA is minimalistically decorated with the big plus of being able to order pastries and chocolates from PINKIE Patisserie to accompany your coffee. A perk when you have a sweet tooth.


Address: Nieuwe Emmasingel 32


If you name cool coffee places in Eindhoven, you can’t miss BeanBrothers. Lovely coffee! Unfortunately, this cute tiny place has moved from the small alley in between houses it used to be to the Vrijstraat in the former V&D building. Only open from Friday till Sunday, at least till December 2018. After that it’s not yet clear which location they will use but I will update as soon as there’s more news…


Address: Vrijstraat 11

Cafeïne Dealers

Not only a cool name but also a good story: drinking coffee at the Cafeïne Dealers. This cafe helps people with challenges to have a regular job and need some help to find their talent and resocialize. You can enjoy a coffee between 09:00 and 19:00 at the GGZE terrain of ‘de Grote Beek’.


Address: De Trefhove, Dr. Poletlaan 30 at estate de Grote Beek in Eindhoven


Van Moll

This is actually a brewery but also offers a cozy place to enjoy one of their beers and meet (new) friends. Definitely popular among internationals which ensures a diverse audience at Van Moll.

Address: Keizersgracht 16A


This Irish Pub O’Sheas behind Hema offers a laid-back spot for a beer. They also have live music regularly and you can watch the games on a big screen.

Address: Jan van Lieshoutstraat 9

De Rozenknop

De Rozenknop is cozy local cafe with a welcoming atmosphere. They often have activities like live music and comedy. They keep an agenda on their website with the overview. Many regulars make it a lively cafe with many who just come in for a beer and a chat about life. Every monday there is the ‘stamtafeldiner’ where dinner is served at a long table and you just eat along. Might be nice if you have to eat alone and are looking for company…

Address: Hoogstraat 59



A small cafe that, in my opinion, combines an old brown local bar (inside) with a bit too modern terrace (outside). However, the atmosphere is always good and relax. Bommel really receives all kind of people: young people, old people, local people and new people. I like to have a beer or wine here, but their meal of the day is also highly recommended. Not expensive and still healthy and filling. Options for the meal are meat, fish or vegetarian. If you want to enjoy the meal of the day, you best reserve a spot because ‘while stock lasts’ applies here.

Address: Kleine Berg 32

Hoogste Tijd

A cozy cafe with small terrace where you can have a beer while chatting with your friends. Just that, simple. Hoogste Tijd has many local guests and people know each other but anyone is welcome.

Address: Vrijstraat 38

La Folie

The neighbors of Hoogste Tijd and also well known in the Vrijstraat. Enjoy a drink and relax with the mellow music here. Good mix of young and old people.

Address: Vrijstraat 40


Do you like special beers? Then you need to go to the Bierprofessor. You can choose from hundreds of special beers, some draft beer and some bottled. Pay attention: closed on Mondays.

Address: Stratumseind 33

’T Vonderke

A place for a drink and relaxing seat. You can sit both inside and outside. ’t Vonderke is located in a residential area which makes it feel friendly. Every first Thursday of the month there is a free concert, where former PSV player and now musician Björn van der Doelen presents a new musician for every edition. Pay attention: ’t Vonderke opens from 16:00!

Address: Lodewijk Napoleonplein 9


Happiness Kitchen

This place is ideal if you’re looking for a location to have lunch with vegetarians or vegans. Plenty options for them available. My favorite dish at The Happiness Kitchen is the acai bowl. Unfortunately, this place is getting more and more expensive. Especially the juices are totally overpriced in my opinion. This place also has another location, the Happiness Cafe but that’s always a lot more busy and too cramped.


Address: Nieuwstraat 25



Fishlover? Seabas is a colourful place to enjoy a fresh fishdish in the afternoon. They also sell fishmeals to take home and you can pick the way they prepare it. The interior is very nautical, ship ahoy! Nice addition to the restaurants in Eindhoven.


Address: Grote Berg 14


A great place for lunch and having drinks. They also have boardgames at Calypso, if you’re bored. The menu is simple but fine, check the grilled sandwich of the week. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Address: Stratumseind 83


This restaurant does not just serve good food, it also has a nice garden in the back for chilling in the spring and summer. You don’t see it from the street but it’s worth to check it out. Berlage also offers a nice hightea.


Address: Kleine Berg 16

Eetcafe Publiek

Everyone in Eindhoven knows ‘de Markt’. Most visitors pick a cafe at the side of de Heuvel mall. Opposite we have Eetcafe Publiek. A warm interior which makes me think of a living room of an average granny. Awesome. I hope they will never redo this place. Outside they also have a nice terrace.


Address: Markt 20


Kruisstraat & Woenselse Markt

On the lively multicultural Kruisstraat and connecting Woenselse Markt you can find nice food from across the world. I would invite you to just take a stroll here and let yourself be seduced by the smells and colours present. Go in and just try something. There are so many different places: there is something for everyone and relatively cheap compared to the restaurants downtown which are just a 10 minute walk away. Hizmet is a classic for a cheap and fast meal.


Address: Kruisstraat en Woenselse Markt

Pannenkoekenhuis De Proeftuin

Now tell me, who doesn’t love pancakes? I’m not talking the fluffy small American ones but the thin flat Dutch ones. This pancake place is located in the Philips Fruitgarden and they try to use mostly local products. De Proeftuin offers a place with a view on the orchard. Nice place for kids as well and good to combine with a bikeride in the surrounding area or a visit to the estate’s store. Pay attention: closed on Mondays.


Address: Oirschotsedijk 14a


Trafalgar pub

An authentic English pub that I visit regularly. Here you really get value for money: a full plate with great comfort food. Make sure to reserve before you go because Trafalgar Pub is popular and almost always full. I love their veggie burger, would totally recommend it, as well as their green beans as a side which they prepare in a very tasty way. Love desserts? Take the Vanilla Fudge, but I would recommend to share it as it’s huge! But amazing, yum.


Address: Dommelstraat 21


Pizza Geert

This is nothing like a regular restaurant but more like cultural heritage in Eindhoven. It’s a place where people get together on Friday nights (only friday nights). Geert is the host and he bakes pizzas. It started as something for his friends but nowadays many people have joined and let’s say he just made a lot of new friends 🙂 Max. 80 people can fit and you can decorate your pizza (good fun for kids too!) and then it goes into the pizza oven. I’m not sure how long this will last because there are some issues with the municipality of Eindhoven about the location he’s hosting these pizza evenings. But for now: try it… Pay attention: only on Friday nights!


Address: Gabriël Metsulaan 1

Cafe Watt

Cafe Watt, a part of the Stadsbrouwerij, is mostly interesting for special beers. The reason I suggest it for dinner is because I love their ‘Brouwershap’ offered only on Mondays and Tuesdays: always a nice meal and a special beer together for just 9,50. These days they also offer a three course menu including a special beer for 16,50. Up to you how hungry you are. Only on Mondays and Tuesdays and always a vegetarian option too!


Address: Bleekweg 1


El Puente

A cool restaurant with a unique menu by country theme. If it’s good weather, make sure to sit on the terrace upstairs and look over the Dommel towards the Van Abbemuseum. El Puente is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Address: Stratumseind 64

Spaans Centrum Eindhoven

A spot for authentic Spanish cuisine without too much bullshit. Don’t expect a nice interior and pretty tables. And don’t ask too much about opening hours either, just enjoy the food and people. The quality is nice and the place is especially interesting for Spanish people to meet each other or for others to meet Spanish people. 🙂 Only open from Friday till Sunday. Closed till September in 2018.


Address: Hugo de Grootplein 47A


This is definitely one of my favorites in Eindhoven. Everything is right here: the food, the atmosphere, the interior, really an experience. Giornale has a shared dining concept where you pick a few small dishes to share with your friends. It’s not tapas, the dishes are a bit bigger than that. Make sure to reserve a table beforehand…


Address: Stationsplein 12

Afghani & Zo

And yet another nicely decorated place: Afghani & Zo brings the Middle East to Eindhoven. Besides that, I definitely support the philosofy behind this restaurant about wasting as little as possible: you pick either the three course daymenu or go for ‘een tafeltje vol’. The latter serves you a table full of many small dishes to combine. This way, it’s easier to buy the ingredients and waste as little as possible. Both courses (daymenu and tafeltje vol) can be tweaked to make them vegetarian, so no worries there either). If you plan to eat here, make sure to reserve beforehand and ask for a spot in the lounge upstairs where you sit on carpets and eat from a low table. Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


Address: Bleekstraat 23


Looking for a halal restaurant in Eindhoven? Zaytoni can be a nice option. Close to Kruisstraat, on the left side away from the station. Maybe a bit of a weird location for a restaurant, in between the offices and houses but Zaytoni is about the content, not the location. It’s always busy here, which is a good sign. It makes me think back of when I lived in Morocco: simple interior but tasty food accompanied by a can of Poms or Hawai. 😉


Address: Pastoor Petersstraat 2A

Radio Royaal

In a former energy house of Philips we now have Radio Royaal. The opposite of the cozy Eetcafe Publiek: high ceilings, a lot of space and a very industrial vibe. You can look around for hours and still see new things I guess. Don’t let yourself be misled by the extension (.be) of the website from Radio Royaal: it really is a restaurant in Eindhoven. 🙂


Address: Ketelhuisplein 10

De Pizzaplaats

A pizza restaurant which is very cool especially in the summer when they have all the (long) tables out on the square and people get together there and at the neighboring Pand P. De Pizzaplaats offers original pizzas with a bit of an unusual combination of ingredients. What about smoked trout and sour cream or oyster mushrooms and hazelnuts?


Address: Leenderweg 63


In the Netherlands we really have a ‘snackhabit’, so yes, I’m also recommending my favorite ‘friettent’ (place to eat fries and snacks, don’t translate it, just go with it :D). The Snackcenter is located next to De Pizzaplaats and is always busy. The fries have the perfect color and are freshly cut every day. Looking for a tasty snack? I would totally recommend the shrimp croquette with Belgian Mayonnaise.


Address: Leenderweg 61


A cozy livingroom restaurant with a bar in a residential area where you don’t expect it. That’s Gusto-040 to me. With the interior from the thrift store and very friendly staff. The menu printed on a LP cover always makes me smile. Gusto-040 offers plenty vegetarian and some vegan options. The times I had dinner here, it was quite busy so I would recommend to reserve a table before you go. Which is a good idea in Eindhoven in general…


Address: Gestelsestraat 230

Mount Everest

Mount Everest is a special restaurant for Indian, Nepalese and Buthane cuisine, located opposite of De Rozenknop. I really like the prawn sahi korma: a tasty fishcurry with coconut, almonds and lychees.


Address: Gestelsestraat 9B


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