This is what the Netherlands will do when quarantine is over


Well, my own network may not be representing the whole of the Netherlands perfectly, but I’m still very happy with the input I got after my call I posted last week, asking you to share what you miss most at the moment and what you will do first when the quarantine is over. Responses ranged from giving everyone a hug till to going back to the office (who would have thought that!): we especially miss the little things that we always took for granted. And it’s a guess but I think more people will recognize themselves in this:

When we wake up

How life can be so simple,
How little do we need
But if simple, suddenly becomes difficult
Status doesn’t help indeed

Then you feel puny
Then you feel small
Such a microscopic virus
Affects us greatly after all

And now we know what we really value
And what we can’t spare
What we hope for every morning
Yet we find ourselves stuck in a nightmare

But the morning we wake up
I hug all my friends for the sake of the touch
I come to celebrate your birthday with the best apple pie
I just go outside without thinking, boy I missed that so much
I perch on the terrace with a beer in blue sky

But the morning we wake up
I am surrounded by friends with whom I dance and I dance
I surprise my family waiting in Italy with the first flight
I go back to the office, like I always used to
I celebrate my graduation drinking cocktails all night

But the morning we wake up…
I take my nephews and nieces to the movies
Crash on your couch for hot tea
And with gymnastics, I play out of my skin
I pack my bags for Morocco
I cross the border so quickly, can’t wait to get back in
And then I’ll always squeeze your hand a little longer, a little tighter

…oh can it be morning soon?



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